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Hi, I'm Paul Smith, an experienced Internet Marketeer and Google Qualified Adwords Consultant helping to ensure businesses achieve their goal.

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Here's How Your Pay Per Click Management Campaign Will Work

As an Adwords Qualified Individual, I follow a proven methodology that works every time. I don't use any automated pay per click management programs, I provide hands-on consulting and project management. There are no sub contractors. Every single aspect of your pay per click management campaign is handled by me.

Phase 1: Preliminary Consultation

The most successful pay per click ad campaigns start with understanding your business, your goals and your pay per click advertising budget. Here is what you will receive:

  • An in-depth analysis of your market sector including trends and drivers.
  • A close look at your direct competitors including an analysis of their pay per click advertising strategy and budget.
  • A written position statement indicating my understanding of your goals.

Phase 2: Statement of Expectations

  • Define ROI expectations including click-through and cost per click.
  • Determine reporting requirements and explain metrics used in reporting.
  • Establish your initial pay per click budget.

Phase 3: Creation Campaign Artifacts

  • Create list of highly-targeted keywords that are specific to your product or service.
  • Create secondary industry-specific keywords.
  • Define and create Ad Groups, as required.
  • Create pay per click ad copy.
  • Create appropriate pay per click landing pages.

Phase 4: Campaign Launch

  • Upload keywords and creative copy.
  • Double check all keywords and ads using Google's online tools.
  • Create and install tracking code for conversion and ROI tracking.

Phase 5: Ongoing Pay Per Click Management

  • Regularly analyse results and adjust campaigns as appropriate.
  • Regularly fine-tune keyword bids and adjust spending as appropriate.
  • Generate and deliver reports detailing pay per click advertising results.

If you are ready to see the kind of results that professional pay per click management can bring your business simply contact me today for a no-cost,
no-obligation discussion of your pay per click goals. You'll get an in-depth proposal explaining exactly how I will increase your pay per click traffic and how much money you'll save over doing it yourself.

Not sure whether PPC management is right for you? Then have a look at some useful guidelines on my Why use managed PPC? Page.