The Top 5 Mistakes Companies Make Using Google Ads

1. Excluding the exact keywords in the ad title, copy and URL:

The headline should not contain the name of an organization this is a critical mistake. Your ad should be about what the visitor wants, not about you and the company. The headline should have the keyphrase the prospect typed in to the search engine. The headline needs to be attention grabbing and persuasive to motivate the prospect to read the whole ad and click through to your website.

2. Ads set to send visitors to the homepage by default:

You can send prospects to any page within your website you want, providing the page is specific reinforces the Adwords ad. The biggest mistake most companies make is sending prospects to a homepage where they’ve got 15 different options. That will kill your results, even if you do everything else right. Why? Because confused people do nothing. If they don’t see exactly what they’re looking for in five seconds, they’ll leave.

3. Using only broad keyword searches:

Most people come up with a list of a dozen or more keywords and paste them into a single campaign. Generic keywords may get a lot of searches and clicks, but these clicks (which you’re paying for) do not convert to sales. Broad phrases are not tightly matched to an ad. Therefore it eats away your daily budget with zero results!

4. Running a single ad a time is a critical mistake:

There is no way to monitor and measure only one ad. Running two ads simultaneously allows you to monitor and measure the performance of both ads. This allows you to tweak and improve your ads ‘on the fly’, increasing your click through rate and reducing the price you have to bid on each keyword to achieve a good position.

5. Bidding on High-priced keywords with low CTR’s:

Win with high CTRs not high bid prices. This is a critical mistake most companies make with the result that they get far from the best value from their monthly PPC spend. To obtain an established CTR, you need to run two ads simultaneously, use persuasive copywriting and a focused ad and keep track of all your individual keywords. This enables you to buy traffic cheaply while maintaining a top position on Google.

I hope these pointers help you on your road to riches and wish you every success in your online venture. If you’d like to talk about how I can help you get the most from your pay per click campaign, please don’t hesitate to contact me for a no-obligation, free consultation.