Testimonials from satisfied Pay per Click managed clients

Fast, Efficient, Reliable and Trustworthy Service. We had immediate results, Increased business by 35%. Increase our turnover by at least £100k of new business in a click.

Rakesh Mehta http://www.ngs.co.uk/

Paul did a fantastic job on our recent PPC campaign, with a sizeable budget of £20,000 per month. The online market for us had previously yielded very few results, despite nationwide press and TV advertising campaigns. However, Paul was able to create a Pay-Per-Click campaign that targeted our ideal consumer both on budget and with a conversion rate of £7 per lead, which exceeded our expectations. What we thought would be a short term strategy has now turned into an integral and ongoing part of our marketing campaign. Would not hesitate to recommend!

Lindsey Watson www.adigi.co.uk/

Paul was a great asset to our company in enabling us grow our business via Adwords. He successfully managed to increase the number of clicks we were receiving whilst bring down our costs significantly (by more than 50% in some months) through optimising our campaign. Moreover Paul was helpful, friendly and quick to take action when required.

Altaf Alim

The work that Paul has done on my adwords campaign has been undoubtedly the best money I have ever spent since starting my business. Within a couple of days my sales immediately increased, my adwords budget went down and my CTR rocketed. On top of all this Paul is the nicest, most helpful adwords consultant you could ever hope to meet. Thank you Paul.

Claire Rigby www.Anara.co.uk

For a few months I was paying a small fortune (>£1,000 per month). I was sceptical at first but Paul Smith talked me into letting him have a play with our account for a couple of weeks. We now get the same number of click throughs with slightly higher conversion rate – but for a lot less money. I use a small part of the money we save to retain Paul to manage the account on an ongoing basis. Thanks Paul.

Duane Jackson www.KashFlow.co.uk

Paul Smith is one of the most patient Adwords professionals I have ever come across, I first came across him via the UK Business Forums where he gave me an abundance of useful advice over a period of around 6 months. So I decided to employ him to run my adwords account! Very professional and very good at what he does and also on the end of a phone if you need him.

Pete Williams www.BilliardsBoutique.com

Thanks Paul – We are not a large “Cash Rich” company so our Google budget is pretty tight but thanks to your involvement we saw an instant improvement in relevant clicks and obviously our conversion rate followed. For what it cost us its great value for money,Cheers.

Les Lovett (Metro Salvage UK Ltd) 

Dealing with Paul is a pleasure. He’s fast, attentive and knowledgeable. Paul has helped us attain our marketing goals quickly and with minimum cost.

Jamie Turner www.1ClickPrint.com

Before Paul started managing our adwords account we were paying around £1 a click. After a short period of time Paul had brought our cost per click down to just 32p per click.As a result our clicks have trippled. Our costs are down. We now receive 3x the amount of traffic to our site.Thanks Paul.

Anthony O’Donoghun www.UkMemorialService.co.uk

Paul provided a continuing supply of sales leads through his adwords work with Goldbury. He managed to achieve this using a low-budget in a somewhat crowded marketplace. He provided sales copy, landing pages and achieved front page listings on google’s sponsored ads.

Luke Stacey

Very pleased with the results that AdWords consultant Paul Smith has delivered. He reduced our spend by over 35% in the first few months and we have been with him ever since where he has continually improved our campaigns and conversions. We are still a happy client of over 2 years.

Adam Kershaw www.Aqualine.com