White Label Service

Shhh….the best kept internet marketing secret

Stand out from the crowd.

With budgets tightening, competition growing and constant changes to the online business environment. It’s nearly impossible for freelancers and smaller agencies to stay ahead of the learning curve and deliver cost-effective solutions. This is a problem because we both know that providing clients with genuine value is the secret to building a sustainable business.

Internet Marketing is absolutely booming. On top of that. Tragic recent events and changing trends have opened the eyes of many businesses, large and small. Those who were sitting on the sidelines are having a serious wake-up call. Businesses that fail to adapt are going to see big problems and many of them know it.

With so many agencies now offering full-service marketing and promotion. Your clients are going to be tempted by the convenience and savings these agencies can offer. Freelancers and small agencies need to be able to compete if they are going to build a long term, sustainable portfolio. The only problem is. How can one person learn and keep up with the ever-changing internet marketing environment? The answer is. YOU DON’T NEED TOO!

Help Is At Hand

Based upon your current range of offerings I believe that the additional offering of PPC services to your clients would not only be a complementary match but that the resulting broadening of your existing portfolio would also add breadth to your business’ presence in the marketplace.

You will doubtless have come across PPC before; but just some of the many benefits for clients include:

  • Increased visibility within search engine rankings.

  • Increased sales potential through higher website traffic.

  • The creation of compelling, relevant ads, to a targeted, interested, audience.

  • Expertly managed campaigns.

  • Predictable and carefully controllable monthly client outlay /budget.

  • Excellent Return on Investment (ROI).

…and importantly, some of the prime benefits to yourselves include:

  • The broadening of your existing services with no outlay or costs to yourselves.

  • No additional workload or administration required by yourselves.

  • A passive reoccurring monthly income.

How Much Can I Earn?


White Label PPC Referral Fees




Monthly Fee





Commission %





Monthly Commission





Annually – 1 Client





Annually – 10 Clients





Annually – 50 Clients





Annually – 100 Clients






Testimonials From Happy PPC Clients:


So if you’re interested in partnering with a very determined and enthusiastic online marketing expert with a proven track record in providing exceptional PPC Marketing and other digital promotion results I would love to work with you.