Why Choose PPC?

When done right. PPC is fantastic. If that was not the case, Google would not be making a fortune and their clients would not be willing to pay.

If you haven’t started your campaign, you might still be trying to decide whether pay per click is right for your UK business, let alone paying someone to actually manage your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign.

My advice is, at very least, talk to an expert and get some advice. Without a basic understanding of pay per click advertising. You WILL waste money trying to find your feet and potentially a lot of money.

5 VERY Good Reasons To Look Into PPC Management

  • Because pay per click allows you to measure precisely your return on investment, you can test campaigns with just a few pounds’ worth of spending before you commit. Some other forms of advertising – such as mass-mailed sales letters – are also easy to measure, but you have to spend quite a lot of money before you can find out what works and what doesn’t. Depending on your keywords, you can test a PPC campaign for the price of a drink!
  • Managing a Pay Per Click campaign to targeted keywords can deliver a lot of qualified prospects very quickly. I make a big effort to ensure that your campaign uses exactly the right keywords for your target customers – not an easy skill to master if you’re running your own campaign.
  • Need to jump-start a new website with lots of visitors? Managed PPC campaigns are a great way of driving them in fast. If volume of visitors is important to you, I can use ‘long tail’ keyword strategies to bring them to your site for a very small investment.
  • You can change and adapt a managed campaign in minutes. When I’m working on a campaign I monitor which of your ads work well and which don’t, allowing you to spend more money on success and preventing you from throwing good money after bad.
  • PPC management lets you launch new products fast. UK online business moves very quickly, and using standard advertising to exploit an event or a developing trend takes so long that you might miss the boat.

Want To Know More?

I’ve used this page to list a few of the reasons why I think a managed PPC services offer a fantastic, cost-effective marketing method for any business trading or offering services online.

Convinced yet? Even if you are, there’s nothing to beat an understanding of how managed pay per click advertising can help your business. To find out what I can do for you, get in touch for a free, no-obligation consultation!